What are the types of websites that are popular today?

What are the types of websites that are popular today?
What are the types of websites that are popular today?
According to the 2019 survey, there are 4.39 billion internet users as of today and still growing. Imagine getting a small fraction of attention from that population and turning it into income. Each attention is a potential client, buyer, user, reader, investor or another startup entrepreneur. But how do you get this attention? Below are the types of websites that are popular with internet users.
Product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers use this kind of website to promote and sell their product online. It is an online store where you can showcase your products. You can sell them using the online payment method. You can provide a delivery scheme to your client and provide status reports. Some online stores have their store managers, product marketer and digital designers to make sure that they got a lot of internet attention. With e-commerce, selling products nowadays is at a rapid pace, well managed and easy.
Companies and corporations also use their website to promote their identity. This is to ensure that these company information needed by their client is available online. They can showcase their latest projects, milestones, newly developed products or services to boost the company’s profile and reputation. They also use features like request forms to process client request for quotations or specialized inquiry. Manuals, updated software, and other downloadable files can be included on the website for easy client access.
Before the internet, a lot of people spend their free time looking for entertainment. For instance, upon reading the newspaper, other people look for jokes, comics, puzzles, and the likes. Now, some people do the same but instead in a website platform. Successful examples of these are websites with anime mangas, memes, online games and other similar forms of entertainment. Owners of these websites earn their income from advertising companies which also grow parallel to the number of their website visitors.
A digital portfolio is a collection of creative work, products or services offered by an individual or company. They use this to display their skills and services, especially to a potential employer or client. Artists can showcase their craft by uploading pictures of their finished product. They can use it to sell it to an interested buyer. They can also use it as proof of their skills for someone who wants to avail their services. If you are an aspiring artist or a professional service provider, you may want to build your reputation using a portfolio website.
News / Magazine
New and magazine is collective current events information categorized in various topics. Before computers and the internet, current events were delivered through newspapers, broadcast radio, and television. Now the internet becomes an additional media to deliver this event information through a website. Various broadcasting companies and news networks have embraced these changes and now have websites of their own. Of course, they make money out of advertisements as well. Today, some startup media companies don’t even have publications and just deliver the news through websites and phone applications.

Nonprofit organizations are similar to a business website but without the profit. These organizations find donors and volunteers instead of clients. These organizations usually are charities, foundations, social advocacy groups, and trade organizations. Their goal is to serve the public interest and to help the people. They usually put information about their missions, members, advocacy, and projects on their websites. They even use features where you can make online donations.
Given that schools and universities have their own websites, there is a new trend today called Learning Management System or LMS. A lot of companies today have grasped the idea of e-learning to grow their product or application users. This information is in writing or even videos which makes it more effective for learning. Students can access their lessons anytime and can be evaluated accurately. Some institutions have not yet adopted this technology because of infrastructure unavailability in their area. Websites like these profit from their students from all over the world.
A website blog is mostly informational. It can be owned by an individual or organization which provides information on certain or various topics. The most popular today is how-to-guides which is an informal tutorial of various things. These websites are free, unlike the educational websites which will cost you a certain fee to access. People who love writing started their blog websites and earned from paid advertisements. If you have an interesting topic, you will get more readers, hence more eyeballs for advertisements. Check out the blog types that are popular today before starting.
Building a website is also an investment. It is like starting a business in the digital world. It is important that you know what type of website you want to build that is in line with your services. In that way, you will be able to increase your value and earn more. Is your required website on the list? We can help you build your website. 
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