What to keep in mind when doing email marketing?

What to keep in mind when doing email marketing?

In the 7.4 billion worldwide population, Forty-eight percent (48%) are internet users. But how many of them use email? Google alone has 1 billion monthly active email users that data was in 2016. According to Livewire, there are 3.8 billion email users registered in 2018. Twenty-five percent (25%) of that population is used for corporate and business transactions.

But why would I market using email? Do users still check their email every day? In business, yes! They check their email daily basis. They use it for receiving and sending business updates. In a business sense, it is likely to get their attention sending them a business email rather than sending them a private message on social media. If you want to start a formal business introduction and make sure to maintain a good business relation, you can utilize your email services. Check out for the tips below on how to be a successful email marketer.

Know your Goal

If you have multiple goals, you do not have a goal. You have to plan right and focus on a single goal to become successful. You cannot start a business relationship if you cannot establish your business goal. It is important that you have a business profile before you do email marketing. It is part of the foundation of your email marketing plan and strategy to bring confidence to your client. If they do not know you, they will do a background check. Make sure you have that ready if that happens. Once you have established that, develop a way to properly communicate with your client. If you have a new product or service, let them know about the news in a good and exciting way. Keep them knowledgeable of what you can offer that is in line with their needs. Include promotions if you have and reward them for being a part of your business.

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Get the Attention

It is important that you have an awesome subject line. In that area alone, the recipient will be able to determine if they will open your email message, delete your message or report it as spam. Next is to make sure that your preview text is as catchy as your subject. The first 35 to 140 characters needs to capture their attention as well. Let your recipients know you. You can introduce yourself properly in the preview text. Let them know that you have met them before or you know them personally. And lastly, do not CAPITALIZE your subject line or include multiple exclamation marks. That is usually tagged as spam in most email services.

Know your Crowd

You have to learn who is your target audience. By knowing them, you get to choose the relevant content for the email. Be creative and capture their interest. You must also choose the right words to deliver. If you are a technology provider, you need to make sure that your audience like this topic. You must also involve them. Call-to-action or CTA can be used to your advantage. You allow them to do something rather than just reading your email. You must know how to use effective fonts and color schemes to avoid boring vibe while reading your email.

Work on Quality, not Quantity

You have to build a proper database of email. It is not just adding everyone that you do not even know. You may have hundreds of thousands of emails, but not all of them are relevant. 

When building a list, make sure to get personal. It is better to have five hundred or one thousand active and interested clients. In that way, it makes them feel special and might be able to refer you to their business partners or other companies with same interests. 

Arm yourself with Efficient Tools

Technically, you have the internet at your full disposal. Research is one of the most effective ways to enhance your knowledge. But with a good database and email concept in mind, you need an application that can help you with design, format, and manage the marketing email. 

This can also go hand in hand if you have an e-commerce website. You can also gather interested parties to sign up for the email newsletter module from your website. If they subscribed, they are definitely and genuinely interested in your business.  

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